EMAIL  ... cell 9512436789 ... 9511492796 ...our kitchen is 15 min walk fron santo domingo chuch and centro historico. 
 We try to run a diferent cooking class,  mostly the cooking classes in oaxaca city are touhgt by a restaurant chef, {ligth cuisine} in our  class our cooks are autentic home cooks, Esperanza she is fron ocotlan {zapotec indian town} and Blanca is fron tlacolula, {zapotec indian town} they will come to the city just to teach you their autentic zapotec home cooking. they will star working on the date of your class since 7am and they will by mostly the ingredients before the class.

Best part of this class, our class is touhgt by {cocinera de pueblo}  traditional zapotec home cook, not by a restaurant chef, our class is more real and unique in oaxaca city, in the zopotec culture only guman learn this type of cuisine and tecnique.

This class is not a formal one, is a great one for, students, buckpakers, long travelers, open mind people only¡

  Our class will be in English or in Espanish. Esperanza the traditional cook, speak good english, good enough to teach this class. 

  Los chiles y lo moles, Six hours very relaxed cooking class,  11am to 5pm eny day,   cost of the class is 1250 pesos per person,  deposit will be not nesesary, we will trust you in this one, you guys can pay the full price in the end of the class, pesos only, Cash.... INclude 45 min to one hour tour to the main markets, benito juarez y 20 de noviembre, at least 4 hours cooking one hour eating,  soft drinks, botles of water, tea... IN case you guys will like to party, it will be open bar y mezcal tasting, fron 1pm to 5pm, people leave our place around 5:30pm.

Vegetarians and vegans are more than wellcome, mostly our menus can be vegetarian or vegan.

No obligation cancelation up to 24 hours before the class, other wise 50% cancelation fee if within 24 hours. FOR eny reason if you cancel 2 or 3 hours before the class, you must pay the full price, please be minfull and understanding of this policy.

  Min size class 3 people max size class 6 people in one class, small size class is the only way to have 100% participatory class.

  Entering our kitchen requires going up spiral stairs, cud be dificult for pople with movility issues, very lurch people, olso for very old people.

  If you do a reservation please be sure and comfirm 2 days before the date of your class, to make sure you steel want to take our class.

  Esperanza the teacher will met you guys close to the main markets in the zocalo{main squere}at 11am, After Esperanza will take you guys for 45 tour to the main markets, benito juarez y 20 de noviembre, the main markets are one block fron the zocalo, fron the main markets you guys will come by taxi to our kitchn, 5 min ride.

  At the end of the class you will be able to take the recipies with you, you will have 5 hours to write notes ask cuestions etc, it will be bether to have the time to write you own sperience than have  short class,... it will be easier for us to send you the reipies and hve a very short time cooking.

 Our kitchen is Abobe our Restaurant,it is a Complete Private Kitchen, we use This beatifull outdoors  Spot only to Run our class, This pictures Show you the inside of our kitchen and our outdoors Terrace.